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New Release Adds Features to Benefit Business and Home Users

Englewood, Colo – DynoNames.com “Your partners for online success”. Announces the release of Web-Based Email 4.0, coupling the benefits of a desktop email program with the convenience of a Web-based platform.

"Better then the competition in every product and service we offer"

DynoNames Web-Based Email Accounts are fraud, spam and virus protected, POP3 -configured and advertising-free. Each account offers you@yourdomain.com personalization for a truly unique e-mail identity, generous disk space to accommodate large attachments and access to accounts from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Web-Based Email 4.0 is a feature-rich upgrade to DynoNames already successful email program, giving customers many NEW features:

  1. Instantly preview email messages while scrolling through them in the inbox
  2. Unique Drag and Drop to quickly move email messages for easy filing
  3. Search your email OR the entire Web in a single click and save searches for future reference
  4. Create folders from any screen view without a complicated folder management interface
  5. Customize the program's appearance by choosing from among a wide variety of color palettes

Visit this link Web-Based Email for more information about DynoNames Web-Based Email 4.0

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